Mike Anderson

I am a music lover, cyclist, hacker, problem solver, and builder. The purpose of this site is to display some of the side projects I have worked on and list the other places around the web where you can find me.

French Flashcards

An iPhone app for learning french flashcards meant to simulate the joy of learning with flashcards in the old days. My first and (hopefully) last foray into Objective C programming.

Resume Cloud

Online, collaborative interface for building a resume. Get your friends to help you make it better and then export it to the web. Built using a traditional RubyOnRails stack. The design and some of the back end were collaboratively built using Odesk.

Push Mobile

Send any website, phone number or app directly from your browser to your iPhone. Built using Cloudant, Urban Airship, PhoneGap, and lots of JavaScript.

GitHub Extras

A popular Chrome extension that lets you create GitHub Issues directly from the page you're looking at. Really handy for QA teams and developers. You can even attach a screenshot and the current HTML.

Jack the Cat Says...

Just for fun, enter a caption for Jack (my cat). The URL updates in real time to be sharable with your friends! Built as a single page just using JavaScript.

Trivia Tag

A collaboration with Grant Elliott to build a real time trivia game using Meteor.js.


An iPhone app written using Parse. Quickly send your girlfriend or boyfriend a pre-composed note with the quick click of one button.